About Us

Our Mission:

In 2003 we started with an idea.

We wanted to build a place where people can be vulnerable, courageous and valued; where everyone is encouraged to shape their own legacy. A place that would stand the test of time because of the people in it.

Over the years this idea grew into a vision for the place we now call CornerStone One.

A place that doesn’t merely exist for people to punch a clock or count down the days until they can be anywhere else. CornerStone One is a place where people are connected and drawn together; a place where we eat together, we share life together, we raise our children together and we bury our parents together.

A place where we champion people, where we believe in the potential of all employees; a place where we challenge each other to do great things, and where we have the expectation of ourselves and of each other to achieve excellence. A place in which we know we are expected to try and fail. Where we therefore celebrate failures as much as the successes. A place where we are all accountable for our own actions.

Today we have a vision for a place in which people have the opportunity to wholeheartedly live out their passions, and where we are the stewards of that vision.

Our Values:

A good attitude has no finish line.

  • Attitude is the simple choice that you will make throughout your life. It can change the outcome of the job and influence others without realizing it. Your attitude has no limit.

Character matters.

  • Your character is your compass. Loyalty, integrity, and work ethic guide you to make the right decisions. You live the CornerStone values even when no one is watching.

Don’t settle, we want your best.

  • When you care about your job and the outcome more than your paycheck, it reflects on your future.

Learn, adapt, grow.

  • Have the willingness to get out of your comfort zone. The only thing consistent in life is change. Expect it, embrace it, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Make yourself more valuable.

Accidents don’t happen when you expect them.

  • Accidents affect more than just you. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t underestimate the simple tasks. No matter how many times you perform them, they are just as dangerous as the first time.

Be independent, but not alone.

  • Don’t be afraid to take action and make a mistake. You will always have Team CSP to support you.

Pairing is not caring.

  • Care enough about one another to deal with issues openly. Gossiping and talking negatively about each other is not tolerated.