June 4, 2024

What is new with CornerStone One?

Effective June 4, 2024, John Muraski will be stepping into the role of President of CornerStone One. This exciting decision allows for continued advancement of CornerStone One in new, forward-thinking directions. His years of expertise successfully running the plumbing division and shaping leaders makes John uniquely equipped for his new role as President.

Steve Adkins will remain as Principal, involved in CornerStone One from a big-picture, company vision standpoint; John will take the reigns as President and lead the company and its day-to-day operations. With his leadership style and voice, John will focus on integration and cohesion of the five divisions within CornerStone One.

Jason Pampuch will take on the role of Partner, continuing in his leadership role within the interior plumbing division.

This is an exciting time for CornerStone One. After over 21 years of building, growth, community engagement and accomplishments, we understand the critical role our employees’ success plays in our overall company success. That’s why it’s an honor to have appointed a President of John’s proficiency from within our organization. We know there are other exceptionally qualified people for this important role and we hope that others feel inspired and motivated to advance within our organization as well. We believe even our next President is likely already working here now.

Who will this affect?

Day-to-day operations will remain the same and now be overseen by John. Steve will continue to be Principal and Chief Storyteller and visionary. John’s role will be President and Head Coach. Jason Pampuch, Partner, will continue his leadership role within the interior plumbing division.

As President, John is here to guide the team and have clear and kind conversations for positive steps forward. He will be a “12-point buck stopper” when challenges arise, being a true cornerstone for us to stand on. And, he will continue to lead CornerStone One towards a positive trajectory, mitigating risk and boosting profitability. We can all be confident knowing that John will continue to guide us as a team and a company into a bright future.

What was the reason for this decision?

With the continued growth and progress of CornerStone One, running the company has outgrown the role of just one person. Which is a great thing! A true testament to our continued success.

At CornerStone One, we believe in investing in our own team. John has grown in his past roles and demonstrated impressive leadership along the way. Throughout his career, John has advanced from pre-apprentice to apprentice and beyond. With Steve’s guidance over the past several years, John is well-positioned to perfectly fill his new role as President. John’s ability to see the potential in other people and enable them to see their own potential is a rare and special quality that makes him uniquely exceptional for the role of President. With his fresh vision and positive leadership style, CornerStone One will have the capacity to advance without bounds and limitations. John will continue to promote innovations, forward-thinking concepts and unique company, industry and team advancements.

When will the transition be happening?

Effective June 4, 2024 the new leadership will be in place. John will be deeply involved in all things CornerStone One and be more immersed in all departments, seeking feedback from teams and meeting with customers.

Will there be a replacement for John’s past position?

While we will assess the need for someone in his previous role and all roles on an ongoing basis, in the foreseeable future, we are not backfilling John’s role as plumbing division manager. Jason Pampuch, in his role as Partner, will continue his leadership role within the interior plumbing division.

What other changes are planned for the organization?

The construction industry never stops, as we know, and neither do we. CornerStone One is always in the mode of advancement. While you can expect business as usual moving forward, there is always room for improvement in any aspect of life and business. We’re excited to see where John’s leadership takes us as a team and a company.